YouTube stars establishing company to provide digital influencers with career advice


YouTubestarHank Green, who established the popular vlogbrothers channel with his brother,John, in 2007as well asVidCon, the worlds largest online video convention, in 2010will launch this month a nonprofit organization called theInternet Creators Guild(ICG), which aims to be a resource and support system for digital influencers.

ICG will provide creators with business and contracts advice and will interact with the press andvideo platforms on their behalf,according toFast Company, which was first to report the news. The organization will be funded by a $50,000 grant from VidCon, as well as membership dues, which will be priced at$60 per year.

Its first order of business will be creating a website that includes basic informationabouthow to deal with copyright strikes, when to ban commenters, how to use copyrighted music, and how to best collaboratewith brandsand MCNs.

Laura Chernikoff, who has worked with the Green brothers for years and currently serves as the guest manager at VidCon, will leave the company after next weeks gathering to serve full-time as the executive director of ICG. While Green wont work directly with ICG day-to-day, he will serve on a separate advisory board with fellow creatorsBurnie Burns,Akilah Hughes,Casey Neistat, andLouise Pentland.

Helming the organization alongside Chernikoff will be a board of directors comprising sixbold-faced YouTube stars, including: filmmakerAnna Akana, gaming creatorsSatchell DrakesandAureylian, vloggersAshley MardellandOlan Rogers, and beauty guruWendy Ayche. Entertainment lawyerJonathan Katzwill serve on the board of directors as well.

There are lots of organizations that, among the interests they have, is supporting creators, but no organization with that sole interest, Green toldFast Companyof the need for such an entity withinthespace. I think that YouTube andFacebookwould benefit from having the people who are professionally creating on the platforms to have a good way to communicate their desires and their problems. I see it as information sharing.

Quite often, creators dont know what should be a standard rate, fair contract, or even best behaviors and practices, added Akana.

YouTube, which will not have a formal relationship with ICG, nevertheless applauded the concept.

Weve long admired willingness to stand up for what they believe in, driving thoughtful discussions around the opportunities and challenges facing creators in this rapidly evolving ecosystem, Sebastien Missoffe, YouTubes VP of operations, toldFast Companyin a statement.

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