Obama Gave Chance The Rapper This Career Advice

President Barack Obama provided hip-hop artist Chance the Rapper a little profession suggestions throughout a current White House occasion.

In an August interview with GQ publication , the artist stated he signed up with other stars like DJ Khaled, Alicia Keys and Nicki Minaj at the White House in April to talk about the My Brother’ s Keeper Initiative and criminal justice reform.

“ At the end [of the conference], everyone takes a group picture, and he’ s signing things. And he keeps pressing me to the back, and I’ m like, ‘ I put on ’ t comprehend why he won ’ t indication my shit. ’ And he makes me wait till completion, and after that he brings me as much as his workplace, and we had a great discussion about exactly what I was dealing with. He informed me I had to begin offering my music, ” Chance states.

“ He ’ s a great guy. Even if he wasn’ t president, if his ass operated at, like, Red Lobster, he ’d be simply an excellent male operating at Red Lobster, ” the Chicago rap artist included.

Chance’ s 3rd mixtape, “ Coloring Book ”, was launched solely on Apple Music this spring and inning accordance with him it ’ s in heavy rotation at the Obama ’ s residency.

“ Oh yeah. They ’ re bumping ‘ Coloring Book ’ hard up there. If you increase there, you ’ ll most likely hear ‘ Coloring Book. ’ This is not a joke at all, ” the artist stated.

“ Malia pays attention to ‘ Coloring Book, ’ ” he included, referencing the president’ s earliest child. “ And I send them things often. I sanctuary’ t seen Malia considering that I was a kid. I believe [Malia and Sasha] were both in school the day that I increased there just recently, however Barack was discussing it. Or, uh, President Obama was discussing it.”

One of Chance ’ s tracks, “ Acid Rain, ” is included on the president ’ s Spotify summertime playlists .

On Tuesday, the 23-year-old rap artist required to Twitter to clarify that he will not be at ESPN ’ s city center about race relations after a report was begun that he would remain inparticipation.

In a series of tweets , Chance blogged about “ the obligation of all media outlets to properly identify all killings by 1st responders as exactly what they are: Murders. ”

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