Here Are The Complete Accusations Against Bill Cosby

A criminal grievance submitted versus Bill Cosby on Tuesday consists of a specific and comprehensive account of his history with Andrea Constand, the female implicating him of sexual attack .

The troubling claims are included in an 18-page affidavit submitted by cops in rural Philadelphia. Constand explained taking tablets Cosby provided her at his house in 2004, and informed authorities that she quickly she slipped into a drug-induced delirium throughout which Cosby fondled her and by force positioned her hand on his penis.

The encounter ended with an uncomfortable exchange after she woke up at 4 a.m., she stated.

“Cosby offered her a muffin, strolled to the front door, opened it and stated ‘Alright,'” inning accordance with the affidavit. “The victim informed private investigators she left without stating anything.”

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A Cheltenham Township sergeant and 2 Montgomery County investigators submitted the affidavit to obtain an arrest warrant for the 78-year-old comic. A judge authorized the warrant and Cosby turned himself in on Wednesday to be arraigned on a single charge of second-degree exacerbated indecent attack.

More than 50 ladies have actually stepped forward to implicate Cosby of indecent habits varying from undesirable kissing to rape and other kinds of sexual assault. Constand was among the very first to grumble to police. She likewise took legal action against Cosby, and in 2006 they settled a settlement from court.

This file supplies a fuller image of her allegations, consisting of 2 celebrations prior to the supposed attack when Cosby strongly attempted to start a sexual relationship with her. It likewise covers his rejection to authorities, the choice by a previous Montgomery County district lawyer not to submit charges and the current discovery of brand-new proof that resumed the case.

This is exactly what Constand informed cops about Cosby, though it’s just a little part of the whole affidavit.

An affidavit launched by the Montgomery County district lawyer’s workplace consists of a troubling information about the assaultAndrea Constand supposedly experienced in Bill Cosby’s hoe.

Constand fulfilled Cosby while she was the director of operations for the females’s basketball group at Temple University, a college that Cosby vocally supported. After they satisfied, Cosby called her “to go over business-related matters,” inning accordance with the affidavit.

They “established exactly what [Constand] thought to be a genuine relationship,” the affidavit stated. They mingled, with Cosby welcoming her to his house, to dining establishments and to other occasions. Constand, who is 37 years below Cosby, idea of him as a coach who gave “assistance and profession recommendations.”


She informed authorities that “she had no interest whatsoever in a romantic relationship with Cosby,” however there were 2 events prior to the supposed attack when he attempted moving their platonic relationship into something sexual.

A couple of months after they initially satisfied, Constand stated, Cosby welcomed her to his house for a supper prepared by his individual chef. After supper, they were resting on a couch “when without caution, Cosby reached over and touched her trousers, her waist and her inner thigh.” Constand got and withstood approximately leave, she stated, and on her escape, Cosby offered her a bottle of fragrance.

“She never ever believed he would strike on her, specifically considering that Cosby is much older than her daddy,” the affidavit stated.



That rejection didn’t stop Cosby from making a 2nd pass, the affidavit stated. Constand was at Cosby’s Cheltenham Township estate and had actually consumed “a couple glasses of wine … when ‘out of the blue’ Cosby unbuttoned her trousers and started touching her.” Constand prevented him this time too, and left quickly later. Similar to the very first occurrence, they didn’t go over Cosby’s overtures.

Despite these encounters, Constand informed authorities that she still relied on Cosby which they continued to interact socially at celebrations and expert functions.


Cosby when again welcomed Constand to supper at his house at some point in between mid-february and mid-january of 2004, she informed cops. He informed her that they would speak about her profession, and “Cosby included that nobody else would exist which she needs to wear comfy clothes.”

Constand discovered Cosby “worn a sweat match” when she got to 8:45 p.m., she informed authorities. They sat near the entryway of his house and spoke about her profession, she stated, and she informed him that “felt drained pipes and mentally inhabited.”

After Cosby informed her that he “desired her to unwind,” he quickly stepped away and returned with 3 blue tablets.

“These will make you feel excellent,” he stated, inning accordance with the affidavit. “These blue things will take the edge of.” Constand asked if they were natural and he declared that they were.

“Down them. Put ’em down. Put them in your mouth,” he apparently stated.

She presumably informed Cosby that she trusted him, so she swallowed the tablets with a swig of water. He then advised her to have some wine, and though she at first objected, stating she had not consumed anything, she took a couple of sips from the glass, she informed authorities.

Within 20 to 30 minutes, she stated, “she started experiencing blurred vision and problem speaking.” Cosby assisted her get to a sofa, where he informed her to rest and unwind. By this point, the secret tablets and the wine had actually obviously crippled her, according to her declaration. Her legs were “rubbery” and “like jelly,” she felt nauseated and things looked blurred. “She might not keep her eyes open, was not knowledgeable about any noises, had no sense of time, and was ‘in and out,'” the report stated.

Cosby apparently attacked Constand while she remained in this impaired state.

“Despite her psychological and physical condition, the victim knew that Cosby was fondling her breasts, put his hand into her trousers and permeated her vaginal area with his fingers,” the report stated. “Cosby likewise took the victim’s hand and put it onto his erect penis.”

Constand informed authorities that she didn’t authorization, however “was not able to speak or move throughout the attack.” She stated later on that she was “frozen” and “paralyzed.”

Hours later on, she awakened inside Cosby’s house, inning accordance with the declaration. “She found that her sweatshirt was bunched up which her bra was reversed and had actually been moved above her breasts,” the affidavit stated.

This is when Cosby, then worn a bathrobe, provided her a muffin and accompanied her to the front door, inning accordance with the affidavit.


Soon after the attack, in March 2004, Constand moved far from Philadelphia and went back to deal with her moms and dads in Canada.

Without understanding exactly what had actually taken place, her mom Gianna Constand saw modifications in Constand’s character. She separated herself from her good friends, her mom later on informed authorities, and her sleep was spoiled by headaches as well as shrieking.

Nearly a year passed previously Constand confided in her mom in January 2005 about the supposed sexual attack. Gianna Constnad stated she attempted challenging Cosby through a call, however was not able to reach him. Right after that, the Constands called the Durham Regional Police Service in Ontario, Canada.

In a call with Constand’s mom, Cosby presumably totally confessed to the attack, her mom informed authorities. Constand’s mom likewise remembered that Cosby used and asked forgiveness to spend for treatment, inning accordance with the affidavit. On another call, which Glenna Constand stated she tape-recorded, Cosby provided to economically assist her child spend for her education. She stated Cosby deflected concerns about exactly what drug he provided to Constand throughout this discussion.

But when regional police released an examination into Constand’s claims, Cosby countered by stating he ‘d had a consensual, nonintercourse encounter with her. Authorities selected not to pursue a criminal case, so Constand took legal action against. Her civil case files showed there were 13 other females providing descriptions of comparable encounters with Cosby.

But she and Cosby settled from court and her charges were mainly forgotten by the public. That altered in October 2014 when a viral video revealing comic Hannibal Buress mocking Cosby throughout a stand-up look in Philadelphia revived the claims and urged lots of other ladies to expose that they, too, were apparently victims of among America’s funny icons.

Cosby’s lawyer, Monique Pressley, stated in a declaration that she was not amazed to see her customer accuseded of a criminal offense, due to the fact that the case showed up regularly throughout the current project for district lawyer. The election was won by Kevin Steele, presently an assistant district lawyer who revealed the charges today.

“Make no error, we mean to install an energetic defense versus this unjustified charge and we anticipate that Mr. Cosby will be exonerated by a law court,” Pressley stated in a declaration.

Constand’s legal representative, Dolores Troiani, launched the following declaration on Wednesday after Cosby was charged:

On behalf of our customer, Andrea Constand we want to reveal our gratitude to the Montgomery County District Attorney’ s Office, the County Detectives and the Cheltenham Police Department for the factor to consider and courtesy they have actually revealed Andrea throughout this challenging time. We have the utmost self-confidence in Mr. Steele, Ms. Feden and their group, who have actually impressed us with their professionalism. Because this matter is now being pursued in the criminal justice system, we will not comment even more.

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