Dream Jobs in Engineering (Cutting-Edge Careers in Stem)

Dream Jobs in Engineering (Cutting-Edge Careers in Stem)

From designing robots to developing new forms of energy, 21st-century careers in engineering are not limited only to construction sites. This title explores the exciting and world-changing possibilities that an education in engineering can lead to.

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Genetic Engineering: Science, Technology, Engineering (Calling All Innovators: A Career for You)

From apples that don't turn brown when you slice them to new ways of treating deadly diseases, genetics are at the heart of many of today's most incredible innovations. Readers will learn about the history of genetics from the initial discover of DNA to todays most incredible developments. They will also find out what role genetics are likely to play in upcoming technology and discover what it takes to make it in this fascinating field of science.

List Price: $ 8.95 Price: $ 5.85

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