10 Lessons Elle Woods Taught Us About Crushing Goals In ‘Legally Blonde’

Think actually tough and squeeze your eyes closed tight, and you can most likely still envision the opening scene: the synth notes of Hoku’ s “ Perfect Day, ” a blonde sorority sis going through a California estate and a brush moving through silken platinum hair.

Although it’ s been 15 years given that “ Legally Blonde ” struck cinema, it seems like the other day. That’ s how tough we rooted for bikini-clad legal ingenue Elle Woods.

Watching the motion picture as a full-fledged grownup with a diploma under my belt and costs to pay, I can find method more worth concealed inElle’ s journey to lawyer-dom. (As a teen, I just had eyes for Luke Wilson and his assistance of Elle’ s profession.) Yes, “ Legally Blonde ” may be the movie predecessor ofsharper lady comedieslike “ Mean Girls, ” however that doesn ’ t make it vapid.


Don ’ t all of us wish to root for the not likely heroine? The lady who’ s regularly ignored due to the fact that of her appearances and sexuality? That, my buddies, is a strangely contemporary concept. It seems like the SlutWalk, like Lean In and each buzzy quasi-feminist motion we enjoy to follow.

A years and a half after Reese Witherspoon’ s Elle Woods and her chihuahua Bruiser very first sashayed into our cumulative mindful, let’ s reevaluate. Elle can teach you more about dropping whatever for dreams than half the self-help books you currently own.

Don’ t stomp your little last-season Prada shoesat me. Focus.

1. Don’ t get stuck on others ’ preconceived concepts about you. Elle Woods didn’ t.


Elle ’ s doting moms and dads and her sorority sis made a desperate effort to keep her from using to Harvard Law. That didn ’ t stop her.


2. Laser focus is the name of the video game.


How lots of swimming pool celebrations and Boats ‘N Hoes events did Elle need to decline to keep studying? She prioritized her objective ahead of whatever else.


3. Indulge in success, however wear ’ t let it eliminate your drive.

. When she initially gets to Harvard, #ppppp> Elle has a bit of a lapse duration. Warner might have been her very first objective, however it ’ s rapidly evident strolling the very same marble floorings as him isn ’ t enough.


4. Take note of others ’ important errors



When Elle hears the fact about Brooke’ s incorrect exercise guarantees( “ I WAS GETTING LIPOSUCTION, ” she scream-whispers), her very first impulse is to stress. In truth, sweetheart can discover a lot from the failure of an individual who developed her profession on lies.


5. It is unusual if it feels odd.

Maybe this one isn’ t a lot profession recommendations as it is basic presence on world Earth assistance, however adult me can’ t overcome that scene where Professor Callahan calls Elle into his workplace under the guise of congratulating her. No one must need to withstand unwanted sexual advances to obtain to the top.

6. Surround yourself with individuals who support your objectives.

Elle may have discovered a lot of critics at Harvard Vivian and her dull cashmere sweatshirt collection, for one however she made a point to lean on her group, that included manicurist Paulette, along with Margot and Serena. Not to point out Emmett, who’ s favorably dreamy, however I digress.

7. Don’ t hesitate to take the reins.

Elle had a method to win the case. She understood it, however everybody else wasn’ t encouraged. Still, that small, blonde firecracker pressed to take spotlight. If you understand you’ re doing the best thing, push for it.

8. Connect to individuals who assisted your dream take place.

Networking is vital when you require something or strategy to make a profession relocation, however after you’ ve reached your objective, exactly what do you do? Thank your connections, simply as Elle maded with Paulette.

9. Hand down your knowledge.

In the last scene of “ Legally Blonde, ” Elle provides hercommencement speech and shares all the methods she made her dream occur. Constantly watch for methods to hand down exactly what you’ ve found out.

10. Make it look simple.

Chihuahua optional.

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