10 Important Life Lessons I Learned From Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler is who I desire be. Seriously, #goals. Previously this year, she led the Women’s March at Sundance, and each week, she utilizes her voice on her program,, to call out the madness that is our nation today. On July 29th, Handler will discuss Tomi Lahrenat Politicon , in exactly what makes certain to be an impressive dispute.

And did I discuss she’s likewise simply actually amusing and cool? When she showed flexibility of speech by calling Donald Trump a whoopsie doodle shitsky mix while wanting America a delighted Fourth of July, like.

No matter where you stand politically, I believe we can all concur there’s something extremely motivating about the method Handlersays precisely what’s on her mind, and she’s sending out an effective message to females to do the very same.

Here are a few of the most significant takeaways I’ve gained from Handler:

1. Defend Yourself

On an episode of , Handler stated ,

You ought to constantly speak your mind, and be strong, and be obnoxious, and do whatever you desire, and do not let anyone inform you to stop it.

Now, this is simpler stated than done, however we each have a voice, and we should not be hesitate to utilize it. This is still something I have problem with everyday, however gradually the voice in my head is becoming my voice aloud.

2. Get Involved

Show up. Speak up.

In an interview with The Daily Beast in May, Handlerexplained , when I was 18 and I had the ability to vote, I didn’t take part in [politics], due to the fact that I simply considered nationwide elections. Now, Handler is making a point to speak up politically and motivate youths to take part in regional elections. She stated,

I’ve been shrieking and screaming my entire life, and now a minimum of I have a need to.

It’s so crucial to obtain included and let your voice be heard. Remarkably, it’s truly simple to begin making a distinction. If you wish to march or participate in regional city center conferences that’s terrific, however if you do not, you can get the phone and inform your congressperson your viewpoint.

3. Ladies, We Are Stronger Together

Four weeks after the election, Handler composed in an essay for Thrive,

Forget the jealousy. Forget the competitiveness. We more powerful together. Discover a lady you have absolutely nothing in typical with and provide her a hug. Hug yourself. Roll up your sleeves and stop looking in the mirror.

It’s simple to obtain overtaken competitors, specifically at work, however there’s space for everybody. We need to stick and assist each other be successful. You understand lady power.

Last year, Handler narrated about a stand-up display when she was 25. Handler had actually been doing stand-up for 5 years, and she persuaded among her sweethearts, who had actually just been doing stand-up for one year, to carry out at the display. That buddy got a call from a company the next day, and Handler didn’t.

Her sis offered her recommendations that stuck to her: jealously is a totally natural sensation, however you can never ever act upon it. Exactly what you have, nobody else has, so there will be a location for you. Do not believe since somebody got something, you’re not getting something else. Handler described,

Whenever I have sensations like that I constantly inform someone, then I do not act upon them. I never ever burn out another person’s candle light to make mine more vibrant.

4. Vodka Is The Best Alcohol (Obvs)

This one needed to be consisted of, due to the fact that it’s a no-brainer.

5. Call People Out On Their Shit

What I appreciate most about Handler is that she owns how she feels without doubt. They will understand right away if somebody states something she does not concur with.

So, if somebody states something that troubles you or harms your sensations, inform them. Once again, challenging, however you’ll be more powerful for stating something. Do not hesitate to state it, even if it’s targeted at the president I indicate, the whoopsie doodle shitsky mix.

6. Be Comfortable With Who You Are

Kelsey Bascom

Last year at DTLA’s Create Cultivate Conference, Handler stressed ,

The crucial thing for ladies is to not utilize filters. I’m not filter friendly. I’m 41 now and I wish to be a genuine individual. And inform individuals, this is exactly what it appears like, which’s how effective I can be.

I can relate every day I marvel, did I state the ideal thing? Am I on the best course? Am I quite enough? Am I clever enough?

With aid from Handler, I’ve understood that whether it’s a filter on Instagram or a filter on our ideas, we need to all to be real to who we are.

7. Make fun of Yourself

On the very first page of her book,, Handler composes,

Laugh loudly, laugh frequently, and crucial, make fun of yourself.

Handler is a comic, and she satirizes a great deal of individuals, however she actually teases herself more than anybody. Part of being comfy with who you are is having the ability to laugh and tease yourself. Never ever take yourself too seriously. Does it truly matter exactly what other individuals believe?

Last year I worked that I was unpleasant at, and a great deal of uncomfortable circumstances occurred to me. With Handler as motivation, I chose to utilize my voice and turn those stories into a funny web series, where I make fun of myself all the time.

8. You Don’t Have To Follow The Norm

I’m getting to that age where there’s an expectation to obtain wed and have kids. It’s all over my Facebook feed each image on my Facebook feed is either a diamond ring or an infant bump selfie taken in a mirror. I’m really pleased for them, however TBH, I have no idea if I ever wish to have kids. Perhaps that’s self-centered or possibly it’s a millennial thing, however pressing a watermelon from my pikachu’ simply does not sound that enticing

But, as Handler states, it’s OKAY to simply do whatever makes you delighted. In Chelsea’s act Marriage: You Can Say No, Handler states,

Sometimes in your 20s and 30s, individuals will aim to fool you into having kids, however it’s possible to stay childless and alone. You simply need to desire it.

9. Never ever Stop Learning

Now, I’ve become aware of ghosting, however I had actually never ever become aware of cushioning till among her current episodes, where her staffers were upgrading her on brand-new dating terms.

If you’ve viewed Handler’s program, you understand there’s absolutely nothing foolish about asking concerns. It’s more humiliating to pretend you understand something that you do not. It does not matter exactly what it’s about politics, science, sports or dating terms.

10. Live A Little

All of Handler’s books have a typical style: Drink. Travel. Consume. If that’s exactly what you’re into), sleep around (. Be vocal. Laugh. Have a good time. Consume once again.

These styles might not be best for everybody, however exactly what I draw from it is that life’s too brief, so do whatever makes you delighted, and attempt not to overthink it.

Thank you, Chelsea Handler.

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